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John Amidon is an antiwar peace activist residing in Albany, NY. His activism takes shape in many different formats. A quick search of John Amidon and the Times Union will reveal that he is an accomplished writer, a concerned citizen and an active civil resister. He is the current President of Veterans For Peace, Albany Chapter, a long time attender of Albany Friends Meeting and a member and past president of the Interfaith Alliance of NYS.  

His sense of justice and moral convictions compels him to take strong stands against  drone warfare and nuclear weapons amongst other concerns.  In 2016 he was arrested at both the Nevada National Test Site and this past December, at Hancock Air Field, in DeWitt, NY, dressed as St. Joseph, part of a living Nativity protest against drones.  He has worked diligently to challenge Islamophobia with a 2016 voter registration drive at Capital District Mosques.  He firmly believes in Love/God and his activism is spiritually based. He is the founder and co-facilitator of the Kateri Tekakwatha Interfaith Peace Conference held in Fonda, NY. He has visited 25 countries in his travels and  encourages everyone to explore the world for “learning befriends the traveler”.  His youtube website pazamidon documents  many  of the protests he has participated in and his skillful use of videography and photography.  His 4 years of active duty in the USMC, 65-69, taught him that war is a savage and murderous lie.  He is a great admirer and student of the Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata and has taught Hindu Heritage classes.  Finally and last but not least, he is a grower of dahlias and like so many, he yearns for spring to plant a summer garden.



Sheri Bauer-Mayorga has worked the underground, alternative, and grassroot scenes as pianist, vocalist, songwriter, and educator.

A champion of American music, her career began in NYC playing contemporary American piano repertoire and music of composers in the downtown scene. Heralding from a "sing-around-the piano" family, she developed a passion for American song early on and eventually turned her focus to singing and composing. Today she performs an eclectic American repertoire from traditional song to jazz and originals. She’s recorded two “Studs Turkelesque” projects with Lincoln Mayorga for TownHall Records: "On The Wrong Side Of The Railroad Tracks," and "American Snapshots: 200 Years of American Song;’ each an attempt to capture the voice of the people in a sedimentary slice of music and perspectives.

Sheri has been the director of a number of singing initiatives for adults and children in the Hudson Valley for the last 25 years: Cross River Youth Chorale, the Good Globe Singing School, and Song Circles. She is a believer and practicer of strengthening the individual voice for the soul, for the streets, for love, for light, for growth, for courage. Sheri has hosted musical programs for children and adults on  Hudson’s community radio station, WGXC 90.7FM. Recently moved to Troy, NY, she will cover the community singing terrain from the Capital District to Hudson. Stay tuned at her website. Learn some songs yourself here!: Meanwhile, Sheri thoroughly enjoys sharing her vocal cords with Umea. 

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